November 2017, Vol. II, Issue VIII

Thank You

On Thanksgiving, many of us will spend time with our family dining and counting our blessings.

At a very early age, we all learned the importance of saying thank you. In fact when we were younger, our parents hung on our every word, making sure we always said please and thank you at the appropriate times.

Now that we’re in the working world, I wonder if we’re complicating the act of saying thank you.  I’ve seen articles talking about the right people to thank, the best time to thank them, and the proper way to express thanks.

Is it possible people are spending so much time planning a thank you that they’re missing the opportunity?


Follow Your Passion AND Your Personality for Job Success

Would you continue at your current job if you were no longer paid to do it? If not, what would you be willing to do without pay? Finding one’s passion will inspire you even without pay, but it isn’t the only thing you need to be engaged and successful in your work. In this article, I’ll explore how personality analysis can help each person find jobs they love and that they are good at.

Why Aren’t You Getting Promoted?

You think you’re pretty good at your job. And yet, for some reason, it seems some of your coworkers are climbing the corporate ladder in a heartbeat, while you’re not. They’re getting pats on the back. They’re getting recognized. They’re getting the jobs you want. What’s up?
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